Coronaschutz-Lockerungen Deutschland Februar 2022

In Deutschland haben Bund und Länder haben sich darauf verständigt, die weitreichenden Corona-Maßnahmen in kontrollierten Schritten zurückzufahren. Hier die aktuellen Regelungen und die geplanten Öffnungsschritte im Überblick.

Webseite Bundesregierung ➜

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NRW will Messen, Kongresse und Konzerte wieder zulassen | Mai 2021


➜ Update Februar 2022: Lockerungen in drei Schritten

Düsseldorf – 12. Mai 2021
In Nordrhein-Westfalen sollen wieder Fachmessen und Veranstaltungen stattfinden dürfen, Hotels öffnen, wenn die Sieben-Tage-Inzidenz unter 50 Neuinfektionen auf 100 000 Einwohnern liege, kündigte Wirtschaftsminister Andreas Pinkwart in Düsseldorf an.Read More

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Online, Virtual & Hybrid Events : Add Experience

The way we organise events had to change fundamentally. Hybrid, online, virtual and remote is the new live. This will not be pandemic related, it’s going to stay.

Convert virtual meetings into experiences that matter

Read More

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Tesla shifts to proprietary CRM software

Tesla is set to abandon Salesforce for a proprietary customer-relationship-management system. Lyft, a less known competitor of Uber, is also programming its own marketing automation solution to make a shift. Volkswagen plans to develop 60% of coding in-house by 2025. Are these telltales for a trend away from outsorcing data-management to big software service providers? Read More

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Brands against Corona

In the mid of these heavy times, with shortage of the now most necessary needs, all over the world companies are re-thinking their production lines and starting to reorganise their structures. Both local businesses and the world’s biggest brands and institutions are helping to tackle the deadly virus.

It’s in our hands to make a difference

The Armani Group announced that all of it’s manufacturing plants will switch from luxury goods to single-use medical overalls, Prada has donated two complete intensive care units to Milan’s hospitals and has started the production of masks, Burlgari is manufacturing in it’s cosmetics laboratories around 50 tonnes of sanitising gel per week. Dyson designed an artificial respirator in 10 days and will donate 5,000 respirators to relieve needs worldwide, including 1,000 for the United Kingdom. Read More

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UX is tech, right? Well, yes & no

Talking about UX often means that normal people lay back. UX has to do with websites, tech and digital, wasn’t that backend? UX has to do with coding, it’s something for nerds. Well, yes and no. For entrepreneurs, company owners, sales chiefs and top marketers UX should not be siloed in the digital department.

UX is the nerdy name for User Experience. How do customers experience your products or services when they inform themselves about it online? How do your potential customers experience your digital presence after they’ve been in one of your brick-and-mortar stores? Read More

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Social Relationship Building

CRM as we know it, is changing.

Customer Relationship Management goes social and transforms to Social Relationship Building. The new kids in town are conversational commerce and audience engagement.Read More

Hitchhiker "To Jacksonville" (Sales) and "To Mom's for Christmas" (Marketing) | Creation: Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Marketing and Sales Alignment

The distinction between marketing and sales is becoming fuzzier by the day.

For example, social selling and content marketing both depend on sharing content strategically with an audience. The only difference is where that audience is in their buying journey.Read More

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Mixed Reality can Enhance the Customer Journey

join me on the mission of making aftersales sexy

Dr. Mark Leach, Global Head of Aftersales Communication for BMW and MiniRead More

Pokémon GO | Marketing Opportunities

Overnight Pokémon GO has taken augmented reality from a niche market to the mass. For brands and causes that means, the virtual street game has taken A.R. into a viable communications platform. Read More

Favorite Christmas Advert 2016

We wish you peaceful winter holidays and a splendid jump into the new year.

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Social Software to drive innovation with internal communication

Agility Now! … Innovate! … Disrupt!

A new world is unfolding before our eyes, demanding new ways of leadership. Competitive power depends more than ever on the ability to innovate effectively.Read More