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Social Relationship Building

CRM as we know it, is changing.

Customer Relationship Management goes social and transforms to Social Relationship Building. The new kids in town are conversational commerce and audience engagement.
Relationship building is an important component of the social or collaborative business. At it’s best it has to be developed both internally and externally.

Traditionally CRM is comprised of sales, marketing and service/support–based functions whose purpose is to make current and potential customers move through a pipeline or a funnel. CRM as we know it, is centred around data and information that’s been collected on target audiences to learn more them about and how to best cater to their needs.

The customer in fact, is not part of this system and hardly ever true relationships exist. Departments involved are sales & marketing.

Crucial components of Social Relationship Building are advocacy, experience and listening, departments involved are marketing, sales, communications & PR, channel partners AND customers.

To be continued …

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