DAILY BREAD Communications

is an independent creative and strategic communications agency focusing on experiential marketing, social interaction, content engagement, relationship building, brand – and product experience, attracting and involving audiences of all kinds, B2B and B2C. Multi-disciplined, agile working methods, integrated thinking, carrying the name as statement of purpose.

Based in Germany, with offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Wuppertal and Amsterdam, The Netherlands, working all over Europe.


– Consulting, strategy building, development, creation and design, management and production in live communication, corporate event, print, motion media and social technologies.


– By erasing lines, between above and below the line marketing, off- and online. By making walls permeable: around discipline, department, office, culture, gender or country. DAILY BREAD Communications is unbox and firmly believes in diversity as driving force for innovation and progress. Because thinking and creativity do not function effectively in a silo and engaging communication has to flow. New Work as originally concepted by Frithjof Bergmann, co-creation and autonomoous digitisation are methods used, proven to be efficient and delivering outstanding results. That’s how we do it.

We live the values of the digital evolution and combine it with proven ways of working. In times of transition success is defined by the ability to mix best practice with the right new elements, by coupling an entrepeneurial spirit and inventive mindset with longtime proven methods and working experience. In doing so, we offer clients a stable structure to innovate and transform, enabling success in a transformational environment. We support the development in Europe of independent digital networks, technologies and data-exchange.


– DAILY BREAD bundles best-in-class and multi disciplined experts according the ‘One Roof Principle’. For each client or project a dedicated team will be formed to serve job and client at it’s best. Projects are being supervised by a person with name and face, not by an account manager.

We’re confident this approach enables clients to succesfully adress the opportunities and challenges of modern time.


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