Corporate Social Network

DAILY BREAD’s creative tech lab has developed a corporate social media marketing tool. A digital community builder designed to be implemented in an existing corporate communication strategy. Internal and external. B2B and B2C. Plug-and Play.

The Social Fanwork.

The Social Fanwork is a digital platform that can be set up online or plugged into a corporate intranet. It can be launched from an app and smoothly be fine-tuned along the needs of a brand, an event, a marketing campaign, a product or target group. Corporate, institutional and not-for-profit. For employees, customers, business-relations, channel partners, prospects, you name it.

Are you interested in a thriving social media community as a channel for your marketing messages? Did no one came up yet with a playful, creative solution?
Do you want to keep all processed data for yourself and use it for future marketing- and sales campaigns? Are you ready for bigdata?

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