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💘 Community Building

DAILY BREAD Digital has developed an independent stand-alone social media platform structure

that can be used by firms and foundations as personalised communication, marketing- and sales tool. Community building software designed to reach out to fans, customers, members, channel partners, prospects and leads. Architected to be implemented in an existing communicationstrategy or customer loyalty program. Internal and external. B2B and B2C. Plug and Play.

Thinking about a strategy to keep social conversational data and knowhow within the company?

The digital platform that can be set-up online on the internet or plugged into an existing corporate intranet. With the possibility to be launched from an app for mobile devices and desktop computers. The platform can smoothly be fine-tuned along the needs of a brand, an event, a marketing campaign, product launch, target group, special interest community … you name it. In combination with our community builders and a row of tiny live events, the software can for instance be used as the communicative backbone of conversations, questions, answers, feedback and so on.

You have governance over all processed data.

Looking for a social media ecosystem for your brand message, marketing promotions and sales?

Our digital experts did in 2005 build a digital interactive system for use in business events and educational conferences, based on database-software. In 2011 we did launch the category hybrid event in Germany, collaborating with the consulting unit of global event agency VOK DAMS in Wuppertal. From there our agency continued to work from the social digital perspective.


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Showcase concept development and software programming Dirk Hardenbicker Röntgen Museum

Interactive Content in Museum

Digital transformation: X-Ray museum

Transform the German Roentgen Museum, located in the house where the inventor of the X-Ray system, Wilhelm Röntgen, has been born, from an interesting science museum to an interactive experience landscape. Make content more attractive and interactive. Involve digital technologies in the exhibition.

The revollutionary X-Ray machine has been invented in a region that in those days of the industrial revolution could be seen as a Silicon Valley of Europe. Translated to nowaday, a digital transformation had to be developed and implemented. Architecture, planning and coding of complete back-end software and applications. Management of data-bases.

Client ROENTGEN MUSEUM | X-Ray Museum

Retail managers discussing their experiences during inspiration tour through Holland

B2B Customer Club

Retail Trend Tour

Each year, Anheuser-Busch InBev’s premium beer brand Hertog Jan organises an engagement day for their most important business relations, maintained as a customer club. Read More

Smooth Integration of Live, Digital, Social, & Mobile

Hybrid event done right, means a flawless, smooth integration of live, social, digital and mobile. DAILY BREAD understands ‘full service’ in the digital era as being able to deliver a branded Instagram page or YouTube channel, a live polling app or a digital keynote speaker set. On top of that, DAILY BREAD teams are trained in the basics of digital creative and social technologies. DAILY BREAD is digital native at both front-end and back-end. For each project, job and client we offer the choice from a row of pre-selected products and systems or development of corporate social software, applications and digital tools tailored for the task in-house.

DAILY BREAD delivers tailor made digital applications and services.
DAILY BREAD offers plug-and-play digital tools with high-star usability rating.

What makes DAILY BREAD stand out from the crowd

is the rather unique combination of knowhow in communication, digital and legal implications of data-exchange.

Interactive broadcasting, educational event system, corporate innovation software, conference speaker set, visitors’ matching bracelet, interactive table, guest management software, silent disco, live-polling tablet or trade show booth assistant app.

Digital systems and tools can all be delivered with a datability enabler, giving full control over collected data without being dependent on third parties. Dataprotection as a standard, not a discussion issue.


Webdesign & Development

We can make the web work for you.

The well designed website guides people intuitively closer to products, content and experiences they’re looking for. A dedicated online platform enables companies and organisations to interact with employees, channel partners, prospects, customers and consumers.

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GenloX Social Software

GenloX digital tools & apps for conference & event

GenloX Interactive Event System has been developed from scratch in 2005 for a series of educational medical congresses. The databased interactive software program was an early bird social network. The software system has continually been enhanced and has proven it has proven it’s value for both clients and participants in many events.

More than 1 million of physicians, managers, employees, stakeholders or customers have asked questions to speakers, teachers, management; did take part in polls, learned and interacted with each other. Medical education congress, international bankmanagers meeting, annual stakeholders conference – GenloX did IT all.

Now that the time has come for virtual and hybrid events, for software supported meetings, GenloX is ready to act. Fully operating in a data-governing mode, all generated data will be securely stored on servers operated by, or on behalf of, ordering clients.

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Domain Names

Good websites start with a good domain name


DAILY BREAD Digital curates it’s own pool of domain name reservations in order to support companies in need for a good landingpage, fresh communication campaign, product or brand building website.

There are a couple of ways to see if the website name you want is available. The easiest method is to type the domain name you’re interested in into a search box at a domain registration provider or a Whois Lookup. The shadow side of this method is, that many domain registrators automatically reserve the domain name you did enter after a few hours and you than only can buy the name for a higher price than normal registration fees.

You can ask us to search for you at the registration company of our trust, or we can show you the domain names we did reserve.


Digital, Data & UX

Oliver Teuber


Think User Experience (UX) and Data

than you’ll think at DAILY BREAD with Oliver Teuber. Digital design specialist for strategy, evaluation and improvement of cross-channel, interactive digital communication. Digital architect of independent customer loyalty software and data analytic tools. Besides that a born tinkerer, inventing ingenious apparatus.

As software architect Teuber leads projects in web-design, customer loyalty platforms, e-mail marketing, dialogue marketing, CRM software, app-development and IT-structuring. Among his clients are  Golfrange, Deekeling Arndt Advisors, Miltenyi Biotec, Energie Agentur NRW and Janssen Cilag. That’s what built Oliver Teubers` profound knowledge on how to integrate technology, people and economy successfully. How to create innovation that works.

Linchpin of Teubers’ work in this process is the transformation of complex correlations and functions in most intuitive user interfaces. To manage this he drafts multifaceted interfaces for data exchange, develops responsive designs and strategies to make the user behaviour measurable. In doing so he helps himself with state-of-the-art technical possibilities. In case nothing helpful is available now Teuber eventually can invent it …

With Teuber we run the new unit DAILY SPECIAL | Kundenbindung neu gedacht

Marketing Counsel

jan heinemann


Jan Heinemann assists DAILY BREAD in all things marketing & branding. He brings in scientific marketing knowledge and crispy bright views straight from a millenial heart. Besides that, not quite unimportant, a reliable worker.

Supports in maximising brand visibility and developing sales strategies and marketing campaigns. Working in the cross-over fields of advertising, market research, production, sales, and distribution.

Change Implementation

Andreas Niese

Transition is Teamwork

Expertise from the angle of business management insights is being brought into DAILY BREAD by Andreas Niese. A seasoned manager and strategist who perfectly knows how to facilitate change and innovation within corporations, organisations and markets. Andreas Niese has worked with mid- and C-level leaders to outperforme their objectives and to achieve best customer ratings. His experience includes industry benchmark, innovation workshops amongst workforce, trend spotting, innovation management and continuous improvement programs.

Niese is engaging in this field for over 20 years, choosing to collaborate with such different partners as future research scientists, theatre directors and illusionists, to enable the shift towards a next level of business performance.