Community Building

<DLBRD Digital> has developed an independent stand-alone social media platform

that can be used by firms and foundations as personalised communication, marketing- and sales tool. A community builder that can reach out to fans, customers, members, channel partners, prospects and leads.

Architected to be implemented in an existing communicationstrategy or customer loyalty program. Internal and external. B2B and B2C. Plug and Play.
A digital platform that can be set-up online on the world wide web or plugged into an existing corporate intranet. With the possibility to be launched from an app for mobile devices and desktop computers.
The platform can smoothly be fine-tuned along the needs of a brand, an event, a marketing campaign, product launch, target group, special interest community … you name it.

You have governance over all processed data.

A new product line or the ambition to gain a better market position?
Could it be of interest for your company to organically build a thriving social community and win mindshare in the market?
Looking for an alternative social media eco-system for your brand message, marketing promotions and sales?

Do you want to keep valuable business data for yourself?