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Retail managers discussing their experiences during inspiration tour through Holland

B2B Customer Club

Retail Trend Tour

Each year, Anheuser-Busch InBev’s premium beer brand Hertog Jan organises an engagement day for their most important business relations, maintained as a customer club. Read More

Make Everyone move forward together

The ability to compete in a rapidly changing market depends on whether a company is able to innovate constantly and effectively. It`s becoming increasingly important to know how to bring diverse minds to the table and break down silos.

Take advantage of the unique knowledge and competences of your employees.
Ask the right questions and they could come up with outstanding solutions. Bundle the strengts within your company or organisation and new answers will arise.

Small measures can liberate employees to contribute their best.
DAILY BREAD creative technologies offers companies in need of transformation the social dialogue app KNOWHOW. The interactive software can be plugged into a corporate internal communication system.
KNOWHOW is supported by a communication concept developed to fulfill innovation needs and reach strategic goals.
KNOWHOW is social software to strengthen employee engagement.

If everyone is moving forward together,
then success takes care of itself

Henry Ford

Sales Innovation . Experience Communication Format

Experience Communication Format . Creation & Production | AVÉRO ACHMEA

Develop a concept for an internal communication campaign for the insurance company’s consultants to introduce new brand values to them and have these effectively implemented.

The consultants play an important role in the customer journey and are able to create long lasting positive customer experiences. The new brand value information has to be transmitted in a way the employees will act according to them driven from within.

In the runner-up period to a large gathering, an online platform has been developed where employees could inform themselves about the changes to come. Furthermore a chain of high-impact activations were organised where employees individually could exerience the new brand values.

After all events and interactions, employees gave the feedback, they’ve the new values in their blood and could independently use them in all working circumstances.

Management Congress | Global Livestream

Royal KPN | Multiple Locations Management Strategy Meetings

Connect managers gathering in a congress at different locations in different countries and create interaction to implement the new longterm KPN business strategy. Find a way to start a fluent two-way dialogue and engage participating employees to optimize corporational structures and work-flows.

A new corporate strategy will be adapted more easily when employees can interact with the vision behind it and with the CEO bringing the news in a TV format. The use of interactive webcasting technology, combined with multimedial channels like social media and text messaging, can give the different groups of participants the feeling they’re part of one community.

Execution : Social Webcasting
Producing an 80 minutes live TV Show about the corporation where all employee groups are working for. Webcasting this show with the use of creative technology in a way the audiences at different locations throughout Europe can experience each other and take part.

Innovative technology used in a people centered way with a fine balance between content and emotion, created a unique bonding experience for over 30.000 participants. The overall setting was beaming energy and did fit with the core KPN brand values: personality, groundedness, trust.

A project of dutch partner De Otter Creators, Amsterdam

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picture Birgit Kriesche managing partner

Strategy & Concept

Birgit Kriesche

Only integrated thinking from the very start, brings projects forward sustainably

Creative strategist Birgit Kriesche excels when a multy layered mission comes her way. A curious analyst who combines a solid package of experience with crispy views and inter-disciplinary thinking. An insight driven consultant with a proven track record of creative, innovative projects, concepts and strategies that have out-performed in practice.

Clients cover a wide field of regional, national and international corporations and organisations. From Daimler Trucks, Networked Energy Services, MSD Sharp & Dohme, Brillux, Hannover Messe and Commerzbank to public broadcaster WDR, Sculpture Park Tony Cragg and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of North Rhine-Westfalia.

Birgit Kriesche’s work has been honoured with several awards among which a Bronze Nail from Art Directors Club Germany, a Gala Award from the American Event Industry and a Golden Apple from the Corporate Communications Association Germany, with projects for Swisscom, Ball Packaging, EWE, E-Plus and Volkswagen AG.

Birgit Kriesche is founding partner of DAILY BREAD Communications with her company Xcellence Kommunikation und Medienmanagement GmbH Wuppertal.

Career Highlights and Achievements:

  • Founding Managing Director – VOK DAMS Consulting, Member Board of Directors VOK DAMS Gesellschaft für Kommunikation Wuppertal
  • Group Head Concept, Content & Motion Media – VEGA Medien AG
  • Head Production Film & Video – A.V.S. Media Network

Digital, Data & UX

Oliver Teuber


Think User Experience (UX) and Data

than you’ll think at DAILY BREAD with Oliver Teuber. Digital design specialist for strategy, evaluation and improvement of cross-channel, interactive digital communication. Digital architect of independent customer loyalty software and data analytic tools. Besides that a born tinkerer, inventing ingenious apparatus.

As software architect Teuber leads projects in web-design, customer loyalty platforms, e-mail marketing, dialogue marketing, CRM software, app-development and IT-structuring. Among his clients are  Golfrange, Deekeling Arndt Advisors, Miltenyi Biotec, Energie Agentur NRW and Janssen Cilag. That’s what built Oliver Teubers` profound knowledge on how to integrate technology, people and economy successfully. How to create innovation that works.

Linchpin of Teubers’ work in this process is the transformation of complex correlations and functions in most intuitive user interfaces. To manage this he drafts multifaceted interfaces for data exchange, develops responsive designs and strategies to make the user behaviour measurable. In doing so he helps himself with state-of-the-art technical possibilities. In case nothing helpful is available now Teuber eventually can invent it …

With Teuber we run the new unit DAILY SPECIAL | Kundenbindung neu gedacht

Change Implementation

Andreas Niese

Transition is Teamwork

Expertise from the angle of business management insights is being brought into DAILY BREAD by Andreas Niese. A seasoned manager and strategist who perfectly knows how to facilitate change and innovation within corporations, organisations and markets. Andreas Niese has worked with mid- and C-level leaders to outperforme their objectives and to achieve best customer ratings. His experience includes industry benchmark, innovation workshops amongst workforce, trend spotting, innovation management and continuous improvement programs.

Niese is engaging in this field for over 20 years, choosing to collaborate with such different partners as future research scientists, theatre directors and illusionists, to enable the shift towards a next level of business performance.

Internal Communication Concept | Change

‘Preferred Banking Challenge’ | ABN AMRO The Netherlands

A new way of working and a fresh marketing campaign has to be communicated to 1.200 sales employees gathered at five different locations throughout The Netherlands.

After robust intern reorganisational measures forced by negative effects of the banking crisis, the Amsterdam headquartered ABN AMRO bank had a rather grey image in The Netherlands. The high quality employees were personally influenced by that image and should gain back self-esteem and corporational pride. Through an innovative internal communication concept.

To bring a sparkling feeling in the organisation, an employee activating pre-event-campaign has been developed with Dutch TV journalist and presenter Erik Dijkstra in a starring role. He travelled through the country and visited ABN AMRO offices to interview employees and customers on their experiences. Further the level of local know-how was researched in a playful way.

The events and participants on different locations were being connected by social broadcasting. An all-together-now feeling was created by the life tv-show with possibiliies of interactivity and a quiz were groups had to solve a business case, developed from the interviews.

A project of Dutch partner De Otter Creators, Den Bosch

Employee Engagement & Fundraising

“Recipe against Hunger” | Fundraising Dinner related to World Food Day | Unilever & Pepsi Co

Primairy goal is to raise awareness and engagement within global companies Unilever and Pepsico relating to the World Food Program. Secondairy goal is fundraising for schoolmeals.

The Rob De Otter Creators’ team developed an interactive pre-event-route to introduce the dinner. As engaging element a competiton has been woven into the concept. Employees were asked to form teams and to participate in a pitch ‘Your Recipe against Hunger’. A stage for innovative and creative concepts to stimulate fundraising. The 4 best ideas were presented in a final pitch-round held during the dinner. Dinner-guests could vote for the winner, during the low calorie show-dinner.