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Young women at MINI Booth with VR Glasses

Enhance the Customer Journey: Mixed Reality

join me on the mission of making aftersales sexy

Dr. Mark Leach, Global Head of Aftersales Communication for BMW and Mini

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Pokémon GO | Marketing Opportunities

Overnight Pokémon GO has taken augmented reality from a niche market to the mass. For brands and causes that means, the virtual street game has taken A.R. into a viable communications platform. Read More

App helps to find things

Not on the market yet, but the app is almost ready for shipping: TILE – a new app in development that will enable you to find things, anything. Read More

Wi-Fi balloons float to target group

Wi-Fi broadcasting devices, installed in funny designed balloons. Floating in a shopping center were the WiFi Signal is low. The balloons did attract the allways busy Korean shoppers and inititated digital interaction via their smart phones to visit an online shopping platform e-markt.