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Besucher auf Messestand mit Offenen Struktur . HUSUM Wind - Innenminister Niedersachsen Boris Pistorius

Messestand & Kommunikation . Virtual Reality | Erneuerbare Energie


Wir bringen Wind Weiter

Von der kreativen Konzeption über ein herausragendess Design bis hin zur barrierefreien technischen Umsetzung – der Messestand für Alterric auf der Fachmesse HUSUM Wind. Das neue Gemeinschaftsunternehmen der Aloys Wobben Stiftung, Eigentümerin des Windturbinenherstellers Enercon, und der EWE AG zeigt sein Gesicht in der Branche und stellt seine Aktivitäten und Lösungsansätze für den Weg in eine klimaneutrale Energiezukunft vor. Alterric gehört zu den größten Grünstromerzeugern in Zentraleuropa. Die Mission: Windkraft europaweit als elementaren Beitrag zu Klimaschutz und Nachhaltigkeit vorantreiben.

Die nationalen und internationalen Experten informieren über Projektentwicklung, Planung, Bau, Betrieb, Repowering und Grünstrom als Rohstoff der Zukunft. Zugleich sucht das Unternehmen den direkten Dialog mit Kunden und Partnern und treffen sich auf der Messe Fachleute, um über neue Projektideen zu diskutieren und individuelle Partnerlösungen anzubahnen. Potenzielle Mitarbeiter, die am Erfolg des Unternehmens mitwirken wollen, können Alterric als Arbeitgeber kennenlernen.

Kunde: Alterric GmbH
Agentur-Leistungen | Idee & Entwurf Messestand . Konzeption Mediaträger & Motion Media . Dreh Virtual Reality Film . Erstellung Kontent . Motion Media Design . Projectmanagement . Produktion

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➜ Website HUSUM Wind . Transforming Energy

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Entwurf und Bau Messestand | Düsseldorf . Köln . Frankfurt . Berlin . Leipzig . Hannover . Hamburg . München: zB Trendset, bauma, M&T Expo, Bits & Pretzels, WETEX, Babini, ISPO Munich, Heim+Handwerk.

Gala event dinner table with video mapping design - eventagency dailybread

Creative Technologies | Interactive Canvas


The table, icon for meetings, relaxed enjoyment and personal exchange, being used as canvas. Anything that creativity can imagine, can be beamed onto it. Moody visuals, inspiring sounds or special effects interacting with table guests or stand visitors. Video mapping and dinner event are melting together to sustainable brand communication. Interactive when wished. An excellent high-touch environmnent for a product presentation, brand world, gala business dinner or brainstorming boardmeeting.

Guests will experience :

° an innovative way of communication,
° a unique way of presentation,
° a splendid way to enjoy.

Behind the scene is inhouse developed creative technology. Customised for brand, event or any other occasion. Projection only, or interactive by gesturing.

Better than words and pictures is a live demo at a Daily Bread Office in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin and Wuppertal or another place of your choice. See it, feel it, touch it.

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We’ll build a mobile Livestream Studio for Webcast, Webinar, Employee or Sales Training. | Gelsenkirchen . Hamm . Coburg . Bottrop . Witten . Cottbus . Homburg . Herne . Haan . Lippstadt . Emmerich . Arnhem . Duisburg . Menden . Neuss . Hilden . Kassel . Gummersbach . Siegen . Kalkar . Nimwegen . Hattingen . Schwerte.
We’ll support you individually and modular in Live-Streaming, Video, Animation, Virtual Reality and Motion Media in | Marburg . Bielefeld . Magdeburg . Bochum . Dortmund . Schwerin . Rostock . Kiel . Bremerhafen – Bremen . Wismar
We work with state-of-the-art technology, all kind of sets and stages kan be produced.| Halle . Leverkussen . Lüdenscheid . Menden . Dorsten . Hamen . Lippstadt . Arnsberg . Paderborn.

Tradeshow booth in white with white light tube frame

Trade Show Booth & Media Design

Tradefair Booth Concept & Design, Motion Media & Communication | EWE AG

EWE AG is a hidden champion among Germany’s leading energy and telecommunication utilities, fast forwarding to the future without much a do. DAILY BREAD stood for the initial booth design idea, communication strategy and concept, visual design, content development, video production, creation and project-management.

The booth has been designed to initiate communication and exchange. It offers ‘come on’, ‘explore’, ‘flow through’, ‘get connected’ and ‘take a seat’ incentives from all sides. The open coffee-bar concept in the middle, with thematic isles at the sides and a private business room at the back, framed by innovative thin-lined white lightning tubes, gives the stand a welcoming open, informational, comfortable stay-a-while atmosphere as well as business dealing opportunities. The booth has been praised for that aspects of the concept and for it’s visual communication design.

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Tradefair Booth Design & Communication Concept

Tradeshow Communication & Booth Design | OSGP Alliance

We are the smart grid people

Smart grid pioneer Networked Energy Services, in 2014 acquired by S&T Systemhaus Austria, is platinum sponsor of the OSGP Alliance trade show booth at the European Utility Week, an annual landmark event for the energy calendar. OSGP stands for Open Smart Grid Protocol and the OSGP Alliance is a global not-for-profit association dedicated to maintain and promote the adoption of this protocol and infrastructure for smart grid applications.

The themes smart metering and open software protocol‘ by now are familiair for many utility professionals. Profound knowledge necessary for decision-making is however often missing. With the claim “We are the smart grid people” the OSGP Alliance tradefair booth communicates both themes in a serious boys-n-toys manner. The combination of short on-side trainings and a collection of up and running smart meters from different brands is a unique buyers’ touch-point.

DAILY BREAD did develop the live communication strategy, created the booth design and produced the booth for shows in Amsterdam and Vienna, in close collaboration with the client. Together with engineers who flew in from Germany, Korea and the USA, the booth and it’s live-demo-wall has been build and installed.

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Showcase concept development and software programming Dirk Hardenbicker Röntgen Museum

Interactive Content in Museum

Digital transformation: X-Ray museum

Transform the German Roentgen Museum, located in the house where the inventor of the X-Ray system, Wilhelm Röntgen, has been born, from an interesting science museum to an interactive experience landscape. Make content more attractive and interactive. Involve digital technologies in the exhibition.

The revollutionary X-Ray machine has been invented in a region that in those days of the industrial revolution could be seen as a Silicon Valley of Europe. Translated to nowaday, a digital transformation had to be developed and implemented. Architecture, planning and coding of complete back-end software and applications. Management of data-bases.

Client ROENTGEN MUSEUM | X-Ray Museum

Video mapping bottle Absolut Vodka

Brand Activation | Trade Fair & Social Media

Brand Activation

Develop an experience world for the Pernod Ricard brands Absolut Vodka and Havana Club at the Venuez consumer trade fair in Amsterdam. Visitors of the fair should be given te opportunity to interact which the brands; products should play a backstage role. Move ahead from traditional tradefair booth concepts.

For both brands Rob de Otter and the BEYET DAILY BREAD team Amsterdam freshly drafted a unique, modern space for consumer engagement. The Absolut Vodka brand could be experienced in a competely white room where the brand was projected via 3D videomapping technology. The Havana Club brand could be experienced through an imagefilm projected on an interactive table with the BEYET technology. These emotionalising canvasses triggered visitors to film the content with their smartphones and post them on social media. Some of these visitor videos went viral on YouTube and anchored and sharpened the brand at a new target group. A nice example of trendsetting experience communication: a traditional live marketing format being extended and made to a source for user generated social media content.

Client: Pernod Ricard

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Picture of Agnes Zuber Brand Experience Expert

Picture of Agnes Zuber Brand Experience Expert
Agnes Zuber

Brand & Product Experience Design

Agnes Zuber is a creative developer of interior and spatial concepts, brand worlds and event moods. She takes care of production direction as well. Characteristic and sympathetic.

Awardwinner of Golden Apple of German Marketing Association EVA with the Volkswagen and Peter Maffay Tabaluga Tour.