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Done Fun Date

New Work Get-Together

You know that you’re putting off things that you should do today

… sorting out bills … calling your father … answering emails … going to the gym …

You are not alone!

Procrastination – the art of avoiding required tasks by allocating tremendous importance on actions more useless, mundane, or interesting.

Inspired by John Perry, professor emeritus Stanford University.


At a DONE FUN DATE we’re fixing procrastinated stuff together.

Done Fun Date is a series of life-hacking events where you can accomplish tasks you’ve procrastinated, together with others.


NEXT DATE: to be pronounced

17:30 last procrastination minutes
18:00 – 19:30 get things DONE
19:30 – 21:00 havin’ FUN

#newwork #donefundate

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Retail managers discussing their experiences during inspiration tour through Holland

B2B Customer Club

Retail Trend Tour

Each year, Anheuser-Busch InBev’s premium beer brand Hertog Jan organises an engagement day for their most important business relations, maintained as a customer club. Read More

Retail Shop Managers Congress Event for E-Plus

B2B Customer Engagement

E-Plus Gruppe | Base Partner Shop Conference ‘The Day of the Truth’ | Award Winner B2B Event.

With a real boxing fight, E-Plus showed it’s retail shop partners on “The Day of the Truth” that together they are in the right corner of the boxing ring. Heart and highlight of the event was a real fight with Maurice Weber – a professional boxer from the team of World Champion Felix Sturm. Prior to the event, partner shop managers could apply for the fight on a dedicated online platform. Two candidates were shortlisted and trained at the gym of the Sturm team for one week.

Popular German boxing ring announcer Roman Roell hosted the fight and the event, together with Sonja Kraus.

All programme elements were integrated in the event format of a boxing fight, including sales support congress, press conference, exhibition and party.

Management Congress | Global Livestream

Royal KPN | Multiple Locations Management Strategy Meetings

Connect managers gathering in a congress at different locations in different countries and create interaction to implement the new longterm KPN business strategy. Find a way to start a fluent two-way dialogue and engage participating employees to optimize corporational structures and work-flows.

A new corporate strategy will be adapted more easily when employees can interact with the vision behind it and with the CEO bringing the news in a TV format. The use of interactive webcasting technology, combined with multimedial channels like social media and text messaging, can give the different groups of participants the feeling they’re part of one community.

Execution : Social Webcasting
Producing an 80 minutes live TV Show about the corporation where all employee groups are working for. Webcasting this show with the use of creative technology in a way the audiences at different locations throughout Europe can experience each other and take part.

Innovative technology used in a people centered way with a fine balance between content and emotion, created a unique bonding experience for over 30.000 participants. The overall setting was beaming energy and did fit with the core KPN brand values: personality, groundedness, trust.

A project of dutch partner De Otter Creators, Amsterdam

What we do too:

➜ Livestream Production, Studio Setup & Digital Events

➜ Social Media Campaign | Corporate Social Responsibility

➜ People & Compentences

➜ Let’s Connect

Employee Engagement & Fundraising

“Recipe against Hunger” | Fundraising Dinner related to World Food Day | Unilever & Pepsi Co

Primairy goal is to raise awareness and engagement within global companies Unilever and Pepsico relating to the World Food Program. Secondairy goal is fundraising for schoolmeals.

The Rob De Otter Creators’ team developed an interactive pre-event-route to introduce the dinner. As engaging element a competiton has been woven into the concept. Employees were asked to form teams and to participate in a pitch ‘Your Recipe against Hunger’. A stage for innovative and creative concepts to stimulate fundraising. The 4 best ideas were presented in a final pitch-round held during the dinner. Dinner-guests could vote for the winner, during the low calorie show-dinner.