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e-Mobility Family Day | EWE AG

German Foundation Bund Deutsche Energie-Wirtschaft BDEW, the voice of German Energy Utilities, yearly organises the Actionday Electromobility. This is to showcase the input of energy utilities in shaping the German Energytransition or Energiewende.EWE AG, a large community owned utility rooted in Northern Germany, did perform the Familyday of eMobiltiy in Leer. A show-programm moderated by Panagiota Petridou and the possibility of live testing a diverse range of electric vehicles.

DAILY BREAD Hamburg did support EWE in the fields of content development, event concept, cross-media design and print.


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Visual Erklärvideo 'MyEnergyCloud' Familie fährt in Urlaub - Vater am Grill in München

Erklärvideo Strom-Cloud

Glück ist ein Gefühl, das grösser wird wenn man es teilt.

Seit Generationen setzen die Menschen in nördlichen Regionen ihr Vertrauen in die Marke EWE, auch, weil diese immer am Puls der Zeit ist.

Private Solarsystembesitzer stehen fast alle vor dem gleichen Problem: Im Sommer produziert man mehr Strom, als man speichern kann und im Winter geht einem die Energie aus. Das neue Modell einer ‘Strom-Cloud’ soll Abhilfe schaffen. Überschüssiger Solarstrom wird als Guthaben in die myEnergyCloud gebucht, einem virtuellen Strom-Konto, und kann bei Bedarf zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt wieder abgebucht und bezogen werden. Damit auch wetterabhängige erneuerbare Solar-Energie eine zuverlässige Versorgung garantieren kann. Mit der myEnergyCloud machen Solarsystem-Besitzer sich unabhängig vom Strommarkt.

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Explainer video screenshot: landscape. windmills, redox battery

World’s largest Battery Brine4Power | Explainer Video

EWE GASSPEICHER GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Oldenburg based utility company EWE AG, plans to build world’s largest battery by employing the redox flow battery principle – well known among engineers.

Along with the use of new, environmentally friendly components in underground salt caverns, the project can be seen as innovative on a world scale, solving one of the key problems in the energy transition: the storage of green produced electricity. These kinds of caverns are currently used to store natural gas. The project has been baptised “Brine4Power” or “b4p“.

Although engineers in the field of electricity storage are known with the technical principles of the battery, journalists in general will not. DAILY BREAD has been asked to concept and produce an explainer video to be used at the international press conference where the innovative project wil be launched. Both video and visuals have been used worldwide in serious and popular articles.

Teenager in partyclothes tries to sneak out the house

Cross Channel Marketing Campaign | Product launch

Multi-Channel Advertising & POS Campaign new Product Line ‘Smart Living’

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Portrait of Ana Marija Beslic, at DAILYBREAD Communications

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Portrait of Ana Beslic, team Daily Bread Communications Hamburg
Ana Marija Beslic

Social Conversation Creative

Ana Beslic joined DAILY BREAD to research and design social conversations that support companies in showing their character through conversational marketing measures. She’ll share her strategical insights in business management, marketing research and sales planning. She brings ideas, opinions, problem solving capabilities and a vivid Generation Z input.

Beslic has an initiating workstyle and her focus is to help maximizing messages’ visibility on social media, developing social coversation campaigns and authentic influencer strategies. Working in the cross-over fields of online, social and experiential full-service marketing.

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jan heinemann


Jan Heinemann assists DAILY BREAD in all things marketing & branding. He brings in scientific marketing knowledge and crispy bright views straight from a millenial heart. Besides that, not quite unimportant, a reliable worker.

Supports in maximising brand visibility and developing sales strategies and marketing campaigns. Working in the cross-over fields of advertising, market research, production, sales, and distribution.