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Banner mit 3D Hashtag in Regenbogenfarben und Slogan "Forschen ist Neugier" #wonachsuchstdu

Science Communication Campaign | Strategy & Concept

Questions are Changing the World

Project for, and in close collaboration with, Max Planck Society together with staging design agency onliveline. Our task was to develop an overall communication strategy and -concept for the jubilee year communication campaign with the goal to make more visible how diverse the actual work of Max Planck Society in Germany is. Giving a broad audience and different target groups a feeling for the variety of projects and for the broad range of research topics of Max Planck Society. Introduce them to science as something possibly making fun.

The choice was for a mix of methods and channels, usable live, in print, online and in social media by both the communications department of Max Planck Gesellschaft (MPG) in Munich and stakeholders from over 80 institutes in different cities. The communication slogan Forschen ist Neugier with Call-to-Action #wonachsuchstdu has been developed as central common theme. Every institute could use slogan and hashtag for it’s own events, create it’s own website and so produce content under an slogan, hashtag and campaign visual. YouTube Influencer have been selected and asked to cooperate, pushing the Max Planck YouTube Channel to a new level.

YouTube Influencer have been selected to go on a tour through Germany and to create clips, pushing the Max Planck YouTube Channel to a new level.

The campaign is usable over a longer period, can be paused and revived.

Client: Onliveline / Max Planck Society

➜ Campaign Website Max Planck Gesellschaft

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➜ Tradeshow Booth & Virtual Reality

➜ Livestream Studio & Online Event Services


➜ Article: Pushing the Max Planck YouTube Channel With the Help of Influencers. Frontiers in Communication

➜ Article (in German) – Wissenschaftskommunikation:Hardcore-Grundlagenthemen sind auch mit Influencer*innen schwer zu kommunizieren

Scientist showing an chemical experiment at outdoor laboratorium

Science Communication, Meetings and Events /
Wissenschaftskommunikation, Max Planck Tag und Aktionen in:

  • München, Mühlheim an der Ruhr, Magdeburg, Jena, Marburg
  • Münster, Leipzig, Mainz, Potsdam, Plön, Erlangen
  • Rostock Freiburg Greifswald Dortmund Heidelberg Göttingen.
  • Berlin Düsseldorf Köln Frankfurt Bonn Stuttgart Hannover
  • Halle (Saale), Hamburg Garching Martinsried Seewiesen
  • Nijmegen (Netherlands/EU), Florence (Italy/EU), Rome (Italy/EU), Jupiter (Florida/US)

Pictures from:
#wohnachsuchstdu Website MPG Berlin
Unser Max-Planck-Tag Bildern – MPI Wissenschaftsgeschichte
Event Website MPG Mühlheim
Schiller Schule Hannover – Max Planck Tag
MPG Münster – Flying Professors

Gala event dinner table with video mapping design - eventagency dailybread

Creative Technologies | Interactive Canvas


The table, icon for meetings, relaxed enjoyment and personal exchange, being used as canvas. Anything that creativity can imagine, can be beamed onto it. Moody visuals, inspiring sounds or special effects interacting with table guests or stand visitors. Video mapping and dinner event are melting together to sustainable brand communication. Interactive when wished. An excellent high-touch environmnent for a product presentation, brand world, gala business dinner or brainstorming boardmeeting.

Guests will experience :

° an innovative way of communication,
° a unique way of presentation,
° a splendid way to enjoy.

Behind the scene is inhouse developed creative technology. Customised for brand, event or any other occasion. Projection only, or interactive by gesturing.

Better than words and pictures is a live demo at a Daily Bread Office in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin and Wuppertal or another place of your choice. See it, feel it, touch it.

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hand drawn website pages

Domain Names

Good websites start with a good domain name


DAILY BREAD Digital curates it’s own pool of domain name reservations in order to support companies in need for a good landingpage, fresh communication campaign, product or brand building website.

There are a couple of ways to see if the website name you want is available. The easiest method is to type the domain name you’re interested in into a search box at a domain registration provider or a Whois Lookup. The shadow side of this method is, that many domain registrators automatically reserve the domain name you did enter after a few hours and you than only can buy the name for a higher price than normal registration fees.

You can ask us to search for you at the registration company of our trust, or we can show you the domain names we did reserve.


Creation Corporate Event

Rob de Otter


Outstanding creative director Rob de Otter is a result driven energizer with over 25 years of experience in the experience communication and corporate events’ branche. He worked for regional and international key-accounts among which AB InBev, Lexus, Royal KPN, Essilor, Pernod Ricard, Exact, Menzis Health Insurance, Volvo, Allianz, Randstad Staffing, Deloitte, Opel Nederland, Volkswagen AG, Lamborghini and ABN AMRO Bank.

Rob De Otter is a creative accelerator. Flexible at heart, blessed with a vivid fantasy combined with the practical capability to transform ideas and words into deeds at an impressive speed. De Otter’s creative concepts and the way they’re being executed, are known for making the difference between good and great. Not in the last place because of Rob’s sharp eye over the work process after a concept has left the creation phase.

Rob de Otter firmly believes in the power of co-creation. In his vision, best results evolve from inspired interaction between client and agency.

Picture of Agnes Zuber Brand Experience Expert

Picture of Agnes Zuber Brand Experience Expert
Agnes Zuber

Brand & Product Experience Design

Agnes Zuber is a creative developer of interior and spatial concepts, brand worlds and event moods. She takes care of production direction as well. Characteristic and sympathetic.

Awardwinner of Golden Apple of German Marketing Association EVA with the Volkswagen and Peter Maffay Tabaluga Tour.

Corporate Jubilee

for Randstad Staffing

Randstad Staffing is one of Netherlands’ economical hidden champions. Founding father Frits Goldschmeding is famous for his “let’s just do it” attitude and it is exactly this attitude that brought his company this far. The 50th corporate anniversary should be a worldwide celebration event for all and a honoration of the history, core values and goals achieved by Randstad Holding NV.

Randstad is successful because of its closeness to the labour markets. A fine mazed network of local offices work independently with core groups of staffers. To get 20.000 employees in 40 countries engaged to visit the local Grand Jubilee Event, something special has to be done.

DAILY BREAD Amsterdam grasped the internal Randstad energy and used it to connect employees throughout locations worldwide in a 9 month count-down to the anniversary festival. A smart mix between online community building and real live activities spurred Randstad employees to come in action for the Jubilee and make it to a sparkling party. Results where spectacular. The intranet website for instance had 9000 visitors before the action, 20.000 afterwards. To the 29 Grand Jubilee Events 28.000 people were invited, 26.000 did attend.