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artist redesign of nike logo 'just don't do it'

Brands against Corona

In the mid of these heavy times, with shortage of the now most necessary needs, all over the world companies are re-thinking their production lines and starting to reorganise their structures. Both local businesses and the world’s biggest brands and institutions are helping to tackle the deadly virus.

It’s in our hands to make a difference

The Armani Group announced that all of it’s manufacturing plants will switch from luxury goods to single-use medical overalls, Prada has donated two complete intensive care units to Milan’s hospitals and has started the production of masks, Burlgari is manufacturing in it’s cosmetics laboratories around 50 tonnes of sanitising gel per week. Dyson designed an artificial respirator in 10 days and will donate 5,000 respirators to relieve needs worldwide, including 1,000 for the United Kingdom. Read More

Social Software to drive innovation with internal communication

Agility Now! … Innovate! … Disrupt!

A new world is unfolding before our eyes, demanding new ways of leadership. Competitive power depends more than ever on the ability to innovate effectively.
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Guerilla Marketing Campaign | Ladies powder room hack for MINI

Compliments to the creators and a bold example of guerilla marketing to inspire!

In Mexico 90 % of car accidents are avoidable. How can people be motivated to change behavior? One of the common habits for distracted driving is to apply make-up while driving. MINI Mexico wanted to take care of this issue and came up with an unconventional idea, intended to raise consciousness. We think the communications concept is hilarious good.

Makeup or drive

we will finish the race | chapeau |

Cover Boston Magazine May 2013, the week after the attack, visual directed by Liz Noftle.

Uncommented brave, Obama’s strong wordings and a beautiful visual, shot by New York photographer Mitchell Feinberg.