Product Launch & Sales Training

Creation & Production B2B Sales Event for Opel NL

Develop three innovative concepts to sell Opel car model Adam to new target groups, put brand- and product experience at the heart of the introduction campaign. Organise car launch events, develop a five-day sales training concept for car dealers and fleetowners, integrate social media.

Insight: To sell Opel Adam to a new, millennial target group, car dealers and sales persons have to get acquinted with new ways of thinking, they must “Umparken im Kopf“. An ‘Adam pop-up store’ has been developed where Opel Adam was presented to the management of dealers and fleetowners in The Netherlands.
Events were enabling managers to get a feeling for the new urban target groups, enabling to look through their eyes. A tantalizing video clip shows two Amsterdam skateboarders daringly skate Opel Adam.

A project of Dutch partner Rob de Otter and De Otter Creators, Den Bosch