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Outdoor Consumer Information Event

e-Mobility Family Day | EWE AG

German Foundation Bund Deutsche Energie-Wirtschaft BDEW, the voice of German Energy Utilities, yearly organises the Actionday Electromobility. This is to showcase the input of energy utilities in shaping the German Energytransition or Energiewende.EWE AG, a large community owned utility rooted in Northern Germany, did perform the Familyday of eMobiltiy in Leer. A show-programm moderated by Panagiota Petridou and the possibility of live testing a diverse range of electric vehicles.

DAILY BREAD Hamburg did support EWE in the fields of content development, event concept, cross-media design and print.


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Portrait Markus Salzmann, creative consultant

Community Building & Special Interest

Markus Salzmann


Networking and relationship building is pulsating in the veins of Markus Salzmann. Like his talent for concept creation and content development. A natural match for Daily Bread Hamburg, focussing on special interest, community building, social conversation, storytelling and corporate publishing.

A commercially minded B2B marketeer with proven business judgement, strong strategic capability and general management experience. Driven by challenge and excellent interpersonal skills, Salzmann provides the ability to operate effectively across all disciplines, on eye-level.

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Career Highlights and Achievements

  • Head of Digital – Jahr Top Special Publishers Hamburg
  • Member Board of Directors VOK DAMS Gruppe Wuppertal
  • Consultant – Scholz & Friends Advertising Hamburg
  • Managing Shareholder – Brandstage TV Communications Agency
  • Managing Director – Marketing Club Hamburg.

Graphic Direction

Timo Weiner

Timo Weiner is the graphic design cornerstone of the DAILY BREAD team. Solid and fresh, a rare combination. All our visual projects land on his desk, may it be a general brand fresh-up, print brochure or flyer for a product-launch, panel for an exhibit or a point-of-sale. You have something vaguely in mind? He get’s it.