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UX is tech, right? Well, yes & no

Talking about UX often means that normal people lay back. UX has to do with websites, tech and digital, wasn’t that backend? UX has to do with coding, it’s something for nerds. Well, yes and no. For entrepreneurs, company owners, sales chiefs and top marketers UX should not be siloed in the digital department.

UX is the nerdy name for User Experience. How do customers experience your products or services when they inform themselves about it online? How do your potential customers experience your digital presence after they’ve been in one of your brick-and-mortar stores?

User Experience goes far beyond customer centricity.

To make your brand stick in mind, your whole company needs an UX mindset.

In a B-to-B context the customer who’s taking buying decisions, often is not the actual user of your products.
This leads to saddening software that is forced upon users without any freedom of (software) choice.

How do you convince yur B2B customers, that might never use the product, of your products?

A few tips:
– Show the customer the user centered design process that led to your product
– Collect quotes from actual users
– Understand your customers pain points too
– Underline the business value of your product
– Invite real users to your pitch
– Make a short video as there might be no time to deep dive into the product

Not all marketing managers do truelly understand the users’ pain points. It could be one of your biggest assets to distinguish your firm from the competition when you do …

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